LobbyCentral to introduce Virtual Queues for online queueing

The COVID-19 virus has changed the daily lives of people around the world. Many are avoiding social areas and local government are issuing orders that are forcing businesses to close their lobbies. This ultimately increases demand on the business’s call center.

To address this, we are adding a new queue type called a Virtual Queue.

A virtual queue behaves the same way as an in-person or Lobby where the wait time and service time are captured.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Your customer goes to a dedicated web page where they enter their name, email, phone number.
  2. Next the customer selects a reason and enters any additional information.
  3. The customer is queued in order of entry for a call back.
  4. Users monitor and receive alerts in the same manner as a Lobby queue.
  5. The next available user takes the waiting customer from the queue, and contacts by phone.
  6. Once the phone call is completed, the ticket is closed.


  • Customers avoid long hold times.
  • Reduced stress on call center employees from angry customers holding.
  • Employee can pre-research issue based on the customer’s reason for call.
  • Track response times and volume.

The Virtual Queue type will be available to existing customers at no additional cost during the COVID-19 outbreak. It will be an included feature for Corporate plan customers.

The estimated release date for this new feature is Monday, March 30. We will keep you posted on developments and when it becomes available.

Please contact support@lobbycentral.com if you have any questions.


Jaime Fuhr
CEO, LobbyCentral